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My promise to you…

…is to share the best processes that helped me transform my challenges into gifts which have supplied me with skills, strategies and tools to produce ‘Breakfree of Domestic Violence Forever’ modules to show YOU how to ‘flip the mirror’ on your Self and develop the most important relationship YOU will ever have: the one with your Self. (see Events & Workshops)

Margaret facilitated ‘Me, Myself & I’ at Women Writer’s Retreat, Negril, Jamaica

Margaret facilitating extract from her book Priceless Roles of a Mother ‘Changing Face of Motherhood’ at Women Federation of World Peace 23rd Anniversary, Prague

Team bonding: Margaret hosting ‘Rising Together’ workshop with staff at Look Ahead, London, UK

I hope that my story serves as a light in your path to give YOU the COURAGE to maintain your decision with the realisation that there is ‘Life After Domestic Violence’. YOU have all the unique possibilities, the strength YOU need within YOU to rebuild your life, no matter how difficult it may seem right now.  Don’t accept abuse as part of your life. YOU deserve the best because YOU are the best. YOU are a worthy, special and beautiful person emerging like a caterpillar to a vibrant butterfly, spreading your wings, setting yourself free to create the life you deserve.

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