Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

"Living in each moment as it unfolds"
Margaret V Aberdeen
"Learning from challenges and transforming them into gifts"
Margaret V Aberdeen
"Loving yourself selfishly and sharing the overflow with others"
Margaret V Aberdeen
"Laughing with joy and happiness within sharing gifts with others"
Margaret V Aberdeen

Hi, I'm Margaret

Welcome to Embracing Change

A few years ago, I underwent several life-threatening traumas which change the entire course of my life. Confronting my traumas were painful, confusing, lonely, alienating, but also enlightening, enriching and liberating. As I embraced these traumas, I came to the reality that I was being a victim to a collection of unhealthy memories from my past. Once I came to this crucial awareness subsequently my life began to CHANGE…


A Domestic Violence, Cancer, Near Death Experience Survivor, and like the Phoenix bird has risen from it all as an Author/Poet - Award Winning Inspirational Speaker - Transformational Workshop Facilitator - Self-Relationship Coach - Nature Lover

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The 4C's

Embracing Change using the 4C’s Process.

Discover How the 4C’s Work and how to put them into practice.


to create a better life


develop a self-relationship


take control of your life


rewrite your life story


Let me explain…

Rewards of Trauma

This is a short summary of the inspiring post I have written!

Rewards of Being Alone… especially during the COVID 19 pandemic could be the most fertile opportunity anyone could ever imagine…

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“Embracing trauma in living, learning, loving, laughing… at whatever life throws in your path.”

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