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 “Margaret’s presentation was very dynamic and expressive, and especially soul touching and moving. It was such an incredible testimony of human strength and ability of transformation. A testimony with good will, it is possible to turn any life experience into a victory and possibility to grow. I wish you can inspire and give strength to many people who are struggling with the past. There is a future for everyone. Please keep doing your wonderful work. Let’s all work together to make it happen – WFWP is surely one of the vehicles.

Katarzyna Minollari

President, WFWP Albania

“Margaret Aberdeen shares a powerfully magnetic presence that I have been honoured to have the privilege of working beside. Her infectious dynamic energy has captivated audiences in the many workshops we have delivered together, and her soft inspiring voice has guided participants beautifully in transformative visualisation and meditation exercises. Her creativity is awe-inspiring, and has resulted in many breakthrough ideas for the business.  A living example of what can be achieved through the power of determination and focus, a true inspiration to us all!”

Mark Sharratt

Director, Energy Alchemy

“Margaret’s amazing. She reminds me of Jane Tomlinson, who ran marathons despite being riddled with cancer. They both have strength in adversity. It’s a sad fact that usually you only gain this sort of determination through enduring unbelievable pain. It’s not necessarily something you’re born with but something you must learn. Margaret has grasped the fundamental truth about life – that whatever happens to you make you learn more. That’s why she’s a winner. She’s also right that you have to let out emotions – research shows that it’s not healthy to store up anger. But it’s important to remember that it can also take immense courage to endure other challenges, which may seem smaller.”

Linda Blair

Psychologist, Woman Magazine

“Margaret’s speech of her personal experience on domestic violence was very emotional and hard hitting, but a vital part of the day that will stay with us!”

Jessica Doe

Cardiff County Council

“Margaret Aberdeen has spoken at Find your Voice on several occasions. She is an experienced motivational speaker, who is very inspiring. She is committed to helping people develop their true potential. She speaks from the heart and you can resonate with her. She is informative and down to earth with lots of energy. People describe Margaret as a diamond, plucked from the earth.”

Douglas Williams

Founder and Director, Find Your Voice

“Margaret is an inspiration to those who meet her. As a trainer, she is charismatic, energising and sincere in her quest to motivate women out of their slumber.”

Rasheda Malcolm

Wilde Network International, Company

“Just Believe in Yourself!!”



Margaret and members following her presentation where she received an award, at WFWP 20th Anniversary, Rome. Italy

“Margaret is a ‘walking medical miracle’, as she skilfully interpreted the brief provided to her and eloquently conveyed her personal experience of domestic violence to a large group of healthcare professionals with grace and poise. Her energy, wit and charisma truly inspired the audience, and the results from the feedback questionnaire serve to reinforce her success. Margaret is a woman who speaks with passion and vigour. We would definitely commission her to work for us again and would recommend her for other speaking engagements.”
-Making the Impossible Possible at Royal College of Nursing, RCN International Women’s Day 

Margaret sharing thoughts with members at WFWP 20th Anniversary, Rome, Italy

“Margaret’s magnetic presence has carved out a unique niche that inspires her audience to take action in order to achieve greatness in their lives, both personally and professionally. Her straightforward, uplifting style sets a positive tone for any conference, and her closing talks leave her audience spellbound and looking at life from a new perspective. Her live presentations generate outstanding audience evaluations: ‘She’s so genuine, easy to understand and relate to’; ‘a breath of fresh air’; ‘she’s light-minded and full of personality’; ‘a gripping tale of courage, passion and determination – really makes you think’.”
-Capita’s 10th National Domestic Violence Conference

Margaret being embraced by Marcia after her empowering speech at WFWP, Rome, Italy

“I really enjoyed Margaret’s presentation. It was powerful, lively, sincere and bold. And the message was the one that we can, if we wish, overcome suffering and heal ourselves. It’s obvious that whatever we have lived in our lives is our past and will be there for ever. However, on the other hand, it’s possible to look back with a loving, understanding and forgiving heart, and in this way we can free ourselves from the burden of the past. I understood that this is what Margaret has been doing and has succeeded in doing at some extent. We cannot dwell in the past, but we have to heal it, taking the necessary steps. All of us are trying to do it at our different levels. Women’s suffering (and men’s) is the result of terrible mistakes committed by our ancestors. So we have a lot to do to restore the past.”
-Marcia de Abreu, WFWP Spain, President

“Margaret was a great reminder of the reality of domestic violence and not just the theory.”
-Probation Board for N. Ireland, International Women’s Day conference 

“Ms Margaret V Aberdeen, thank you very much for facilitating two very stimulating poetry workshops, Colour Influences and Poetry Make Sense, at New Junior Academy for the age group nine to 11. She has been able to get the kids to express themselves in words as they never did before. I think you have helped to lift their self-esteem and self-confidence. She has impressed me and faculty at the school and am certain that wherever else she has conducted workshops before would say the same thing. At the end of the workshop Ms Aberdeen was applauded and commended by the students for her tremendous exhibitions. I received feedback from the kids and they would like her to come back, as they also had great fun.”
-Elwyn McQuilkin, Principal, New Junior Academy, Grenada, Caribbean

Margaret with participants at TFL, UK

Everybody Needs Margaret Why! I hear you retort. Here’s a tail about my encounter with Margaret. Since our paths crossed my thoughts on life have changed.
For me, Margaret is:

  • Energy – abundantly flowing from the moment she is near
  • Light – that shines with brilliance second to none
  • Beauty – all a woman might want to be
  • Elegance – evident in her every move
  • Strength power to motivate the most destitute of spirits
  • Courage – never afraid to share of herself
  • Wisdom – blessed with a fountain of life experience, she – joyfully shares as our coach

Now you know ‘Why Everybody Needs Margaret
-Christine Merrifield, Training for Life (TFL), UK

These two-day workshops ‘Knowing Yourself’ and ‘Loving Yourself’ had been very inspiring to me; it has made me realize that there is a great power within us. I’m transforming my negative thoughts into positive ones, after listening to Margaret’s experiences and how she overcame it. It has given me the courage to go for the things I want to do and get from, life, it will require a lot of effort and maybe tears but the results will be worth it.
-Donna O’Connor, TFL, UK

Wow! What a powerful course this has been! I have felt so inspired, and I am taking so much positivity and hope with me from this. The teachings, words and shared experiences have made me realise that we all have something to give and learn throughout our journey of life. And there is always a positive in any situation. I feel now that I can!
-Linda Taylor, TFL, UK

Margaret with PAM’s young mothers in Grenada – the sky is their limit

“In my opinion, Ms Aberdeen has a remarkably personality, which coincides with the writing field. She is much organised, unswerving and inspirational, and such a marvellous character – a positive symbol of an excellent worker. Throughout the entire Colour Influences workshop, she displayed a positive attitude and was very interactive with the students and also demonstrative. She has passion and aptitude, with sincere interest in working with and assisting students as well as others to express themselves efficiently and effectively. I thereby recommend Ms Aberdeen to any institutions where her ability in written and verbal communication will be fully utilised.”
-Mrs Roberts, MP for St George South School, Grenada, Caribbean

Ascent – Violence Against Women Launch

Ms Aberdeen, I am writing on behalf of the Program for Adolescent Mothers (PAM), St George’s, Grenada, to thank you very much for your outstanding contribution with your workshop Knowing and Learning to Love Yourself.

We have received positive feedback from the participants, who praised the content very highly. They were touched by your personal story and found it very inspiring.

Once again, thank you for your contribution and your valuable time, which helped to put a spark into the young mothers’ lives.
-Rennaica Cobb, Assistant Co-ordinator Program for Adolescent Mothers (PAM) Grenada, Caribbean



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