There are many of us who have experienced abuse and violence in one way or another. Whose aim is to help society unlock the bondage of the traumatic physical and physiological effect of domestic violence on women, men and children?

We are unable to turn the clocks back to fix or repair whatever we feel that went wrong in our lives. Suffering, challenges, mistakes, feeling unloved, blame, guilt and shame, they are all part of life – no human being is guaranteed a perfect positive happy life. The only thing we can do is to be true to ourselves with acceptance, letting it out and forgiveness, along with faith, hope and trust, in order to grow and move forward, no matter what storms we have had and are to encounter.

Looking back, I realized I had to go through the dark side of my life in order to discover all the rewarding treasures in the light. How else would I have found my strength and weaknesses to make me WHO I AM today and assist me with what I passionately love doing – instilling love, peace, unity and happiness in others, coordinating and facilitating workshops, writing and public speaking as to what I am doing at this very moment with you all.

These poems and writings are a kaleidoscopic version of my childhood memories growing up in the battlefield of home. Every word written has been therapeutic and a healing process into coming to terms with releasing my thoughts and feelings and adulthood experiences of domestic violence. Releasing and sharing my thoughts and feelings about domestic violence is very therapeutic and has assisted me in healing myself to create a positive transformational outlook towards life in order to help others break free of domestic violence forever.

Please accept them with love and harmony.