Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

…during the COVID 19 Pandemic

Fear and panic about the global health crisis, and an unsteady economy, can increase anxiety for most and I am sure that some people who are reading this have been personally touched by these issues. But this could be the most fertile opportunity anyone could ever imagine…

I believe even though we were isolated, separated, and quarantined; this crisis may be the most fertile opportunity anyone could ever imagine. It’s giving us the time to explore, to pause, to think, to pray, to meditate, to listen and observe our thoughts and feelings about ourselves, lifestyle, and our attitude towards ourselves and others. To unlearn to relearn a new way of being, listening deeply for guidance and inspiration about who we are, what we are becoming individually and as a society.

Like Nelson Mandela who spent 27 years in solitary confinement, or how Prince Harry and Meghan took a break to view their life and decide which path they wish to take. This health crisis can be a landmark time to REFLECT… REFOCUS… REACT… and to hit the reset button and bounce forward on the right track.

Life is short and precious. Despite the despair of the virus and being alone, confused or at a crossroad. There is a saying everything happens for a reason. This corona virus has also been thrown onto our path to test our strength and weaknesses, and to show us who we are or who we choose to be, and especially our reactions to ourselves and towards others.

Growing up in an abusive household, I use to react aggressively, angrily, judgmentally, and defensively towards others and various situations that came into my life. During the pandemic, I choose to selfishly “flip the mirror” on myself and go within to uproot painful thought patterns that no longer serves me – like anger, blame, guilt, shame to plant and harvest seeds of peace, love, acceptance, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude for myself and to share the overflow with others. Believe me, it’s like giving birth to a new mind.

“Be the change we want to see in the world.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Another astounding awareness that is commencing from people globally is their reactions towards each other. With the acceptance that everyone is playing a role in this world which activated from their upbringing, culture and beliefs. Some people may react to the pandemic in a fearful, angry, anxious, stressful way, others like myself are embracing the change and joy of being alone to soulfully meditate, listening to our thoughts, music, reading books, journal writing, connecting with nature, and lots more. There’s no need to be judgmental or critical of others. Your purpose here on earth is to experience being an individual from a unique point of view. Just as each rose petal is unique, so is each person.

The phrase ‘no man is an island’ conveys that we as human being feels down when isolated. I AM embracing this whole situation with acceptance and gratitude. I feel like a child unwrapping gifts, full of excitement and curiosity to be part of this mind-awakening era seeing peace, love and compassion flourishing in the world. It is ever soul-rewarding as communities and individuals uniting and helping each other and those who are incapable. It is reminding me that WE are connected with vibrations of emotions. So if you have been feeling low, confused, disoriented, drenched in fear, loneliness and insecure, this is a time to also remember, deep down we are all one.

We need to take a moment to go beyond and connect with people locally and globally. We are all from one tree with different branches growing towards the light of peace. We are all in this COVID 19 pandemic together, together as one we can overcome this virus and co-create the change we wish to see in the world, but we must start with ourselves first, which then expand like a ripple to the world. As Mahatma Gandhi say be the change we want to see in the world.

We live in an ocean of emotions. What we can do is embrace the changes and make changes in how we live, think and work and remain positive, grateful for life and for the small joys each day!! We can each reach out and become islands of love and peace, and connect with each other.

Let’s give it go: each morning when you wake up spend about 10 to 15 minutes in silence and embrace each moment with gratitude. Feel the connection in your heart with life natural values – love, peace, joy, happiness that binds all of us in this world together as one. Listen to the stillness and feel the inner connection with people globally. Make each moment momentum. Oh! Isn’t it absolutely wonderful to accept the rewards of being alone and to share the vibrations of peace, joy and happiness in your life as well as with others?

One thing I wanted to touch on, which does not coincide with the topic, but it just keeps surfacing into my mind. Life is short and precious. Many people who have lost their lives due to the corona virus did not get the opportunity to say bye to their loved ones. Many families today have become fragmented and disconnected. If that describes you, think about what relationships you can repair and strengthen. Consider family members with whom you may be losing touch—perhaps parents, children, or siblings—and do your best to connect with them. Reach out. Seek reconciliation. Forgive. Act now. Now is the only time that exist.

I believe the world will overcome this virus because YOU are the world.

Stay well, keep well, be well!

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