Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

“I choose to know the core of WHO I AM, not the image that others labelled me as.”

"Embracing Change by LIVING LEARNING LOVING LAUGHING with wisdom, liberation and freedom."

Mothers, do you know your worth?

Priceless Roles of a Mother is an inspirational memoir and handbook, intertwined with humour. It comes from voices of mothers from all walks of life.

‘There’s a saying don’t judge people before stepping into their shoes. The same goes for this book. The cover can’t tell the whole story. You’ve got to open the book, read and you will find this book brings to light the limitless roles, achievements and values of “motherhood”.’

Edith Huntington, Women Links

A celebration of motherhood and all that goes with it – came across some interesting facts that I didn’t know like the origins of Mother’s Day! The author’s own story shows the power and resilience of the human spirit in face of adversity – I was reminded of the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt “A woman is like a tea bag; you never know how strong it is until it’s in hot water.”


Margaret Aberdeen is a wonderful author. I have purchased her book Priceless Roles of a mother. It is awe-inspiring and pays tribute to mothers from all walks of life. It is a must read for every mother and every mother-to-be and anyone who has ever had a mother whether biological or otherwise.


Awakening Of A Woman...

… is collection of poems inspiring women to claim their heritage role with divine feminine strength and authentic self-worth; fuelling with fire, passion, power, freedom; awakening their inner self; embracing change to write the next chapter of her-story.


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