Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

"Change Begins Within"
Margaret Aberdeen
"Living in Each Moment as it Unfolds"
Margaret Aberdeen
"Learning From Challenges and Transforming them into Gifts"
Margaret Aberdeen
"Loving Yourself Selfishly and Sharing the Overflow with Others"
Margaret Aberdeen
“Laughing with joy and happiness with inner wisdom.”
Margaret Aberdeen
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A Domestic Abuse, Cancer, and Near-Death Experience Overcomer, like the Phoenix, has risen from it all as an Award-Winning Inspirational Speaker – Certified CBT Transformational and Self-Relationship Coach – Author/Poet – Podcast Host – Workshop Facilitator – Nature Lover

blossoming, blossoming moment & welcome to embracing change

Hi, I am Margaret

A few years ago, I underwent several life-threatening traumas which changed my life. Embracing my traumas was painful, confusing, lonely, and alienating, but also enlightening, enriching, and liberating. As I embraced these traumas, I came to the reality that I was a victim of a collection of memories that no longer served me. Once I came to this crucial awareness subsequently my life CHANGED




Embracing Change using the 4C’s Process. Discover How the 4C’s Work and how to put them into practice.


To live a better life


Develop self-relationship


Take control of your life


Rewrite your life story

Embracing Change living, learning, loving, laughing... with courage, choices, and commitment to change your life story.

Margaret Aberdeen


Margaret is available for workshops, coaching, and speaking events to learn how she embraces trauma to change her life from pain to gain.

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audio book

Awakening of a Woman

We all have stories to tell to uplift others. ‘Awakening of a Woman,’ is a collection of poems, that is a kaleidoscopic view of my ‘life. I wrote them during my healing journey of domestic abuse, kidney, and brain cancerous tumours. Rather than labelling myself as a victim, I choose to be the creator of my life….

Voices of Mothers, Books for Women 2024


Voices of Mothers

A selection of women who are Mothers, regardless of their societal, culture, religion, colour, and education, has bonded together with their unique voices to share their experience of motherhood. Each is an original thinker and leader with the realisation that they are here to play an active critical role, not just in their children’s lives but in the world.

I will let them tell you in their own words.

A-Z Unpaid Priceless Roles of a Mother by Margaret Aberdeen


A-Z Unpaid Roles of a Mother

Most of us mothers go through life thinking that “we are just mothers.” We simply don’t recognise the unpaid valuable multi-skilled professional roles we have accumulated by being a Mother. According to an ancient Jewish proverb, ‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore, He made mothers. A-Z Unpaid Roles of a Mother is about unveiling the highly valuable skills of a Mother that are just as likely to be found in the workplace as in the household. 

Brace yourself. You are in for a shock!!


Mothers, do you know your worth?

This uplifting and inspirational part-memoir, part-handbook, praises and celebrates the INDISPENSIBLE roles mothers have been juggling since the beginning of time and includes stories from mothers of all walks of life!


Rewards of Trauma
Why I AM Always Smiling?
Mind Your Mind
Vulnerability Is The Gateway To Compassion
Shredding Wasteful Memories
My Life, My Choice

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