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‘My wounds of my past will always be with me,
but I choose not to be a victim of them!!’


Walking away from an abusive relationship is the beginning of new challenges. In order to guide those who’ve had the courage and strength to leave an abusive relationship – to thrive rather than just survive. From my experiences of domestic abuse and how I have transformed my life I have created a unique training programme called ‘Breakfree of Domestic Violence Forever using the 4Cs Process.’

This training package offers a range of workshops, coaching and speeches to help survivors and those who are emerging from an abusive relationship to flip the mirror on themselves and develop the most important relationship they will ever have: the one with their Self.

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I’m here to serve you.

Break Free

You alone have the power to change everything in your life, to Breakfree Of Domestic Violence Forever. You can have all that you have ever wanted and desired in life.

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Host or attend one of my workshops to learn how I transformed my life. If I did it, so could you.

Coaching Services

I implement Cognitive Coaching, which is a fantastic tool for learning to become your own teacher, therapist and best friend. It’s an extremely personal, tailored approach to healing your situation. CLICK BELOW TO LEARN MORE

I Have Been Where YOU Were…

I know this because I have suffered physical, emotional, isolation, forced sex, financial and fraud abuse. Click below to read my full story…


Every Mother Should Read…!

This influential memoir and handbook includes ‘My Journey as a Mother’ which tells the tale of how I conquered an abusive relationship, the tragic loss of my second son, homelessness, and cancer. But it’s not just about me, this book is spoken by mothers from all walks of life. It reveals how complex being a mother is, and how we intuitively take on many unpaid roles in today’s chaotic world.

How to Install Love

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Are you a stranger to yourself?

    Perhaps more importantly: Do you know who you are? How do you feel about yourself? To some of you these questions may be a bit startling.  As very few of us take the time to ever ask ourselves these questions. We tend to live in ignorance of ourselves and our...

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