Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change


Life is made up of Choices. I realized how many choices I had in front of me and the magnitude of the decisions. I made choices about my food, my activities, my hairstyle, my clothes, my health, my abusive relationships and lots more, and how I choose to respond then all.

I choose to tell the world I have survived abuse as a child and two abusive relationships, one which almost killed me and instigated the tragic loss of my second son and my home. And that I lived in hostel while recovering from kidney and brain  cancerous tumours. I am now living with one kidney.

I choose to change my life by finding the core of WHO I AM, becoming my own best friend and to saturate my Self with love, compassion, respect, kindness and lots more so that I can share them with others.

I choose to change my thoughts, feelings and attitude of my ignorance about abusers as they are the weak ones, and severely needs help.

I choose to have compassion for abusers and to define them as insecure and not confident enough. And I will even go as far as to say, if the abuser is an alcoholic or a drug user, weakness and insecurity is their character. The abuser is not able to filter feelings in positive communicative productive way and have no idea how to handle and respond to various situations that arises in life. The abuser usually tends to express it through anger, control, intimidating and manipulation of the ones closest to them.

Wait a moment. Those of us who have survived abuse, we are the strong one who put up with all the abuse from the abuser.


We are emotionally and intelligently STRONG.

We are powerful and an incredible gift to the WORLD.

We are here to play a critical ROLE.

We are WORTHY.


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