Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

Awakening of A Woman




We all have stories to tell to uplift others. ‘ Awakening of a Woman,’ is a collection of poems, that is a kaleidoscopic view of my ‘life. I wrote them during my healing journey of domestic abuse, kidney, and brain cancerous tumours. Rather than labelling myself as a victim, I choose to be the creator of my life. I began to study the power of our minds, our feminine and masculine energy, and spirituality and embarked on a miraculous awakening journey that transformed not only my physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. But also, the transition and embodiment of WHO I AM, as a WOMAN, recognizing my valuable contribution to the world.

Charlotte Worth says, ‘Women have always been the guardians of wisdom and humanity, which makes them natural, but usually secret rulers. The time has come for WOMEN to rule openly.”

I feel compelled to share this with every WOMAN I know.

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