Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

Shredding Wasteful Memories

Your mind is a garden
Your thoughts are the seeds.
You can grow flowers,
or you can grow weeds.

This is unbelievable…

We waste so much time worrying about the past. Most of us spend around 90 per cent of our time dwelling in the past. The past cannot be undone. The past is history and only exists in our minds. It’s an old story. It is simply a memory. As our late international spiritual teacher, Dr Wayne Dyer said, ‘Memories are the trail we left behind’.

Shredding memories is ‘letting go’ of past resentments, like cutting all the dead twigs, and branches, and weeding out all the habits and beliefs that have been infecting your life and stunting your inner growth. They are not easy to remove as they have been enrooted for decades. They will hang on for dear life to prevent the inner growth of life’s beauty to blossom. I remember a friend joining me for an early morning walk in the stillness of the Autumn season just before sunrise in a meditation retreat. As we strolled along, she made a comment that shredding negative beliefs and unhappy thoughts is like leaves falling from the trees, turning from green to brown before falling to the ground. She was right. This is a natural principle: in order for healthy inner growth, we must shred the dead leaves and remove the weeds from the roots that are being controlled by disappointments and frustrations of the past before they make the cells in our bodies sick.

Each of us enters this mystical world with nothing and will exit with nothing. So why do we cling to old resentments and unnecessary thoughts? We can choose to hold on to old resentments, waste our time and energy, and be miserable; or we can choose to shred the memories that no longer serve us.

When I started letting go of thoughts and feelings about my childhood upbringing and abusive relationships that no longer serve me, I felt like a bird perched on the branch of a tree, flapping my wings flying high up in the sky. I am free…! I am free…!

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