Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

Why I AM Always Smiling?

People usually ask me that question.

Here’s why.

I overcame multiple traumas: an abusive childhood and ended up in a relationship, and my former partner almost killed while pregnant, which instigated the tragic loss of my second son and home. I became homeless and ended up in a hostel.

Soon after, I had kidney and brain cancerous tumours (I’m now living with one kidney), meningitis B, seizures, followed by isolation, anxiety and depression, PTSD and, of course, suicidal thoughts swirling around in my mind. Who wouldn’t? Almost forgot, recently I was diagnosed with a hole in my heart.

I underwent five surgeries. During one of them, I had a near-death experience, which was definitely a kick in the butt, to help me realise that all the toxic dis-eases and people I was attracting in my life were because of a collection of past traumatic memories of my abusive childhood.

I finally told the doctors no more drugs, and that I was going to heal myself with organic thoughts, feelings and herbal remedies, similar to Louise L Hay author of “The Power Is Within You.” She herself had an abusive childhood, and also had cancer, and cured herself with transformational thoughts, feelings and attitudes of her past. She did it, so can I.

This led me to be the courageous “leading lady” of my life. Making positive choices and commitment to change my life by selfishly “flipping the mirror” on myself and taking full responsibility for my PRESENT LIFE—getting to know and like myself and having a wholeheartedly loving relationship with myself – realising my personal strength, a new perspective and appreciation of life, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

“I AM not what happened to me. I AM who I choose to become.” Carl Jung

Embracing change and accepting my traumas have shown me that life is short and precious, and to have a holistic approach to live, learn, love mindfully with self-compassion, passion and gratitude to discover my path and WHO I AM!!!

From a breakdown to a breakthrough. I have risen like the Phoenix triumphantly from it all as an award inspirational speaker, author of ‘Priceless Roles of a Mother,’ poet, coach and nature lover, grounded like a tree bearing fruits of wisdom and knowledge to share with others.

As I embark on this miraculous post-traumatic growth self-healing journey that transformed much more than my life by living inside out with vulnerability on high. To endure it, live through it, learn from it, love and laugh with it, in order to heal.

So, to answer the question at the beginning, “Why I AM always smiling?”The existence of life is to suffer; to survive is to find meaning in suffering,” as Viktor Frankl says in his book, Man Search For Meaning.



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