Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

My Life Story

‘I believe life is like a tree growing and harvesting fruits from our daily experiences and traumas in LIVING, LEARNING, LOVING, LAUGHING with the 4C’s Process.’

LIVING in awareness of each moment as it blossoms and LEARNING from past traumas by consciously plucking out all the weeds and dis-eases in my mind have become my greatest teachers, my pillar of strength.

I stand in the awe of gratitude, that the many traumas that nearly broke me, recreated me by “flipping the mirror” on ME and selfishly LOVING myself is the greatest love of all.

Consciously fertilising and nurturing my mind with the  process of Courage, Choices, Commitment to Change by taking full ownership for how I respond to everything I encounter in my life. It was a liberating feeling, that grew stronger by embracing trauma… ALL OF IT!

I now see all my traumas have been a part of my personal and spiritual growth to find my self-worth and heartfelt purpose to live a more conscious fruitful life, and I AM LAUGHING with the freedom of joy and happiness within sharing these fruits (gifts) with YOU!


Let Me Share It With You

In The Dark

As a child, the most traumatic incident I recall was when my father struck my mother with a brass lamp pole on her head. My father was an alcoholic…

In The Light

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The Awakening

There was a bright glow of light in the room. I saw this light appear before me. I can feel myself spiralling through the tunnel…

“I’m abundantly grateful for my traumas because without them I wouldn’t have stumbled across my strength.”

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