Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change


Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change
Margaret Aberdeen Embracing Change

Kevin Hill is a karate enthusiast and pastor, a rare, life-threatening disease that literally tore his body to pieces and completely derailed his life. Incredibly, Kevin died twice as frantic doctors raced to save his life, and Kevin credits his miraculous recovery to the power of his belief in God and the healing powers of prayer.

Kevin joins Margaret this week to talk about his traumatic experience, and to discuss his belief that through an outpouring of global good wishes and prayer, they literally brought him back from death in order to continue his work as an advocate of human kindness and love. After waking up to life through death, Kevin really is taking the advantage of living and is now writing a book titled, “The Resilient Miracle”, soon to be published.


  • People go through so much trauma in life, and stories like Kevin’s give us hope and faith in each other. It is proof that despite the dark lows we feel sometimes; we are also adding good back into the world.
  • The important factor to consider when healing is that hope is a powerful motivator. Never tell yourself that you’re down and out for good. Hold on to hope and it will see you through.
  • When our belief is so strong, it can move mountains. In Kevin’s case, it saves his life. He knew that his time had not come, and his spirit fought on, even when his body could not.
  • When confusion subsides, peace takes hold. When peace arrives within us, fear is removed, and true healing can take place.


‘Some people collect coins. I collect rare conditions’

‘I believe in God. I believe God helped me’

‘I knew that deep down in my soul it was not my time to die’

‘Because so many people were praying for me, God took notice’


Priceless Roles of a Mother’  

Kevin Hill’s Story –




A few years ago, Margaret underwent several life-threatening traumas, including domestic abuse, and was almost killed by her ex-partner, kidney and brain cancer, mental health issues, and a near-death experience. Her life was encapsulated in darkness, and she welcomed the thought of dying. From a breakdown to a breakthrough, these words from Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search For Meaning, changed her life forever: “The existence of life is to suffer; to survive is to find meaning in suffering.” Once she became aware of this, her life changed, and choose to live each day like it’s her last…


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